Apple Has Learned The Importance of Play. We Should Too

On Wednesday I attended the Sandbox Summit here in New York, which is a conference about the intersection between technology, toys, play, and learning. For someone deeply embedded in the software development world, but also deeply troubled by the state of education in America, the event seemed fascinating and also pregnant with possibility. And it did not […]

Yahoo’s New BrowserPlus: Game Changer

Yahoo has introduced what I think is a revolutionary concept called BrowserPlus. BrowserPlus is a browser plug-in unlike any other. As most of you know, a Browser plug-in allows you to add functionality to your browser that it is not built-in. For example, the most popular Browser plug-in is Adobe’s Flash Player. The reason BrowserPlus is significant is […]

Something is Happening To Our Brains

There are few who at this point have not heard about the suicide of Abraham Biggs on There are few that don’t know that visitors to the chat room associated with the video feed egged him on. There are few that are not disgusted by the thought, no, the horror of what happened. But there […]

The End of the Feature Phone. Market Shifting.

In the last few years, phones have typically been categorized as either “smartphones” or “feature phones.” Smartphones are really just better phones. Conversely, the feature phone label is a particularly unfortunate euphemism for “crappy.” Thankfully, soon the category known as “feature phone” will begin to fade away. This is because most of the basic system […]