My Comments Are Down: AKA I’ll Tell You What Sucks… Its Google’s Blogger

I have been trying to migrate for several weeks from Google’s Blogger to WordPress. But I can’t seem to make that happen.


Blogger sucks.

There are continuous problems with the commenting system, and today you can’t leave a comment at all. Thats not the only problem, but its the only one I have energy to recount right now.

I don’t know if this comment system failure is a problem that is system wide or just with my blog, but I have really had it. Actually I have had it a while ago, but Blogger makes it exceedingly difficult to escape. Cue the person who will now tell me if you stand on your left leg with your tongue out your posts will export with no problem. The bottom line is until some brilliant person can tell me what I need to do to get my comments and my posts out of Blogger I am stuck.

So to all of my readers who have had something to say but have been stymied by this HORRIFIC Google blogging platform, I am sorry.

And if you are a new blogger, considering Blogger, just say no.

Post Author: Ruby H. Rosenbaum

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