My Blogging Schedule

Yes, I have been blogging less.

This has not been part of some master plan, but lots of traveling has gotten in the way, along with things heating up around Kloudshare.

Additionally, one of the things I think I don’t do as well as perhaps some is multi-task. I am great at handling a small number of regular activities, like coding or blogging. But the more diverse creative tasks you add to the plate the more mental energy, if not time, each of them takes, and at times, something has to give. Writing speeches, and business plans, and conference programs all take mental energy that suck time from thinking about broader industry activity, and therefore blogging.

But fear not! through the holidays, I will probably continue to operate on a somewhat abreviated blog schedule, but I hope to be back to a normal flow by the beginning of the year. Blogging has great value to me because it forces me to think about the world in which we operate and allows me to engage in conversations with people who inform my thinking. Blogging has no doubt been incredibly valueable to my professional efforts in 2008, and so I look forward to a full blogging year in 2009.

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