A Detailed Five Step Twitter Scaling Plan

I don’t want to suggest that the Twitter team doesn’t know what they are doing, because I am sure they are, and have been, very smart folks. And yet, the system keeps falling down (it seemed to be down most of yesterday), and there really is no good reason I can imagine for this to […]

Killing Twitter Before It Can hurt Us

This weekend there has been a fair amount of talk about the idea that Twitter is too important to be relied on as a centralized, non fault-tolerant platform. Both Dave Winer and Michael Arrington at TechCrunch are talking about the problem and how to fix it. The argument is that Twitter is not distributed. This means that if Twitter […]

The False Hope Of Apple’s Snow Leopard

The problem began several years ago. The processor community realized that despite the fact that they could continue to make chips with smaller transistors, they could no longer make chips with substantially faster clock speeds. There were two separate but related problems. First, when adding more clock speed to chips, they were beginning to run […]