Free is Killing Us. Blame The VCs

I believe it should be possible to start a small business and to have a small number of profitable customers, and to earn a living. From there, it should be possible to work hard, and to grow your business into something substantial. Until recently, this was the American way, and it applied to technology as […]

Mitch Kapor’s Weekend at Bernie’s

My last post on Chandler somehow just really doesn’t capture the flavor of watching the Chandler design mailing list. It has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion after having had a sip of Scalosian water. Indeed it was incredible to me that so much could be invested with so little resulting usable value. Hey Mitch, […]

Judge Says TechCrunch Case vs. JooJoo Tablet Likely Has Merit

I Just read on Daring Fireball that the judge has denied TechCrunch’s claim for preliminary injunction against their former tablet partners and makers of JooJoo, Fusion Garage. Gruber claims that “Mike Arrington gets smacked around in the first round of his lawsuit over the JooJoo/CrunchPad. In short: TechCrunch didn’t get much in writing regarding their “partnership” with […]