Andrew Cuomo greets a worker at General Motors Powertrain on

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Replica Hermes That takes a lot of worry and fear off of people’s minds, and then they can just go to work.”[Related: Columnist David Robinson says Rust Belt manufacturing is far from dead in Buffalo Niagara]GM has not shared specifics about the new engines the Tonawanda plant will make, but Finch said it would represent the next step for the plant’s existing “Generation V” engine line.”They’re going into future vehicle products that we’re not prepared to announce yet, for competitive reasons,” said Kathleen Dilworth, GM manufacturing director.Dilworth and other GM officials were joined by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and United Auto Workers leaders at the Tonawanda plant to hail the investments.Gov. Andrew Cuomo greets a worker at General Motors Powertrain on Wednesday. Replica Hermes

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