The relational database is becoming increasingly less useful in a web 2.0 world. The reason for this is that, while the relational database model is great for storing information, it is horrible for storing knowledge. By knowledge I mean information that has value beyond the narrow current conception of the given application. I mean information […]


Ok, so were finally getting down to it. On at least two fronts, Apple has now essentially thrown out its draconian rules on what developers can and cannot do on its platform, and replaced them with essentially, no rules. The new “rules” appear to be, “its OK to do what you want in your app […]

John Gruber jumps the shark

I have been using Macs since February 1984. From just about the day the Mac was announced I was writing software for it from my college dorm room using one of the school’s two $10,000 Apple Lisa computers. The Lisa was, at that time, the only tool you could use to write Mac software, and […]

Mousers vs. Keyboardists

Since the dawn of the graphical user interface there has been tension between those that favor the mouse and those that favor the keyboard. I am reminded of this as I explored the new experimental Firefox plugin from Mozilla Labs called Ubiquity. Ubiquity was designed by human interface designer Aza Raskin, who is also the son of Jef […]

Apple Blinks. Flash Tools Now Allowed

As many of you know, I have been fairly agressive in complaining about Apple developer guidelines, and specifically section 3.3.1 of their developer agreement which prevents developers from using any interpreted code, or, essentially, any compiler not created by Apple. Apple instituted the 3.3.1 clause in order to lock out Adobe from offering a Flash-based development […]

Flash 10 p2p and CDNs – Deeper Analysis

Yesterdays piece on Flash 10 received lots of interest and generally a great response. However there were a few complaints about the fact that the Adobe press release didn’t actually say p2p, or that the Amicima technology was only about VOIP, etc. One esteemed member of the Flash community and old friend, Brian Lesser, a Flash server guru […]

The 2008 Definition of Racism

I was not going to talk about this stuff anymore, but Louis Gray’s post on the “racist underbelly” of the web struck a deep chord. He describes how two black bloggers, Wayne Sutton and Corvida, had a live Yahoo video chat to discuss Loren Feldman and the Tech Nigga incident, and the anonymous overtly racist chatter in the video’s text chat […]

One Of The Coolest Homepages I’ve Seen

Last week my friend David Rose’s company Angelsoft launched a new homepage for their website and I have to say it is one of the coolest homepages I have ever seen. To summarize, Angelsoft is a platform that almost every angel investor group, and many VCs use to manage deal flow. It is an automated system that […]