The Good People of Go Daddy and Arizona

The Good People of Go Daddy and Arizona

Several months ago I was invited to speak to the development organization at Go Daddy about Web 3.0 and the future of the Internet, and last week I had the pleasure of delivering my talk. I was in Arizona from Wednesday to Sunday, and from Friday to Sunday we had a mini-vacation. Giving the talk […]

Something is Happening to our Brains

Something is Happening to our Brains

There are few who at this point have not heard about the suicide of Abraham Biggs on Justin.Tv. Few don’t know that visitors to the chat room associated with the Justin.Tv video feed egged him on, and a few are not disgusted by the thought, no, the horror of what happened. But there is a […]

A Moment Of Silence For Our Economy

Please read this article and this article both from the New York Times. I cannot say it better and so I refer you to people who do say it better. Tell your wacky friends that just want Wall Street to burn to read them too. Apparently calls are flowing in 200 to 1 against doing anything so its time […]

Inside Out vs. Outside In

I like to read code on paper. Some people only read code on the screen. I have at times wondered what drives each coding style. The reason I like to code on paper is because it helps me see the big picture. I get to take in all of the code. And it allows me […]

The Veruca Salt Economy

I want it now daddy! That is what drives us. It is what drives every financial meltdown. It is the gorging on stuff that is trivially accessible, while foregoing that which, regardless of value, presents too much challenge. It is the seeking of the low hanging, but tasteless, while eschewing the slightly beyond easy reach […]

President-Elect Obama

It has taken me a day to digest the concept of a President Obama. That is not true. A day has passed, and I still cannot fully digest it. That may take months, or perhaps even years. But a few thoughts are starting to coalesce, and so I thought I would share them. I will […]

My Blogging Schedule

Yes, I have been blogging less. This has not been part of some master plan, but lots of traveling has gotten in the way, along with things heating up around Kloudshare. Additionally, one of the things I think I don’t do as well as perhaps some is multi-task. I am great at handling a small […]

Are Newspapers Reaching The End Of Days?

There is little more urgent on the Internet than fixing the web advertising model. The New York Times is on the verge of going out of business. This is a business with a great and beloved product. And while the economy is indeed tanking, failure of newspapers is not about macroeconomic issues. The Times’ issues […]