Who Cares About Open Source In The Cloud

Yesterday I wrote about the issue of vendor lock-in regarding cloud-based services and how I think developers should think about it. In that discussion, I touched on the open source strategy of cloud computing company 10Gen. After thinking about it I begin to believe that such a strategy may be a serious liability for cloud-based services. Then, this […]

UAW Fiddles While Detroit Burns

I was struck by a paraphrase that I heard recently from a reporter on one of the Sunday morning shows, describing a statement made by the head of the UAW regarding their position on “givebacks” to GM to assist in restructuring the company financially. As I heard it, and I don’t remember the quote exactly, […]

GM Management Fiddles Too

What is amazing about GM is that in many respects the standards of competence a small startup would be held to are far beyond the expectations we have had for our major auto companies, and particularly GM. For example, can you imagine a company surprising investors or other stakeholders with the idea that they don’t […]

Nothing Is New

One thing that has always been of interest to me about the tech community is that when some new product or service comes along, there are invariably members of the peanut gallery that will pipe up with the comment that “that’s not new!” Most recently this came to my attention in the context of an article […]

Where’s The UI In The Semantic Web

It seems to me that one of the biggest problems with the Semantic Web is the fact that no one has thought about, or at least done anything to develop interesting user interfaces or user interface tools. Initially the initial innovation of the Web was HTML which was all about user interface. Unfortunately, the new […]

The Insanity of Microsoft BizSpark

BizSpark is a new business development program from Microsoft targeted at startup web software developers. BizSpark allows young tech companies to get free use of Microsoft’s development tools and platforms for three years. According to Anand Iyer, developer evangelist at Microsoft, who I heard speak at last night’s New York Tech Meetup, the concept is driven by […]

Anticipating the Next Generation of Search

Most of the world’s most important information has structure. To be clear, by structure I mean the data has separate fields for its component parts, like for example, a contact has separate fields for first name, last name, address city, country, etc. This structured information is where most of the value from the Internet resides. […]