Today Adobe announced the public beta of a new Flash Player that is going to change the way we all use the Internet. More importantly, the new player changes the economics of the Internet. Interestingly the two really key features are not getting much play in the news yet as people have focused on the […]

Flash 10 p2p and CDNs – Deeper Analysis

Yesterdays piece on Flash 10 received lots of interest and generally a great response. However there were a few complaints about the fact that the Adobe press release didn’t actually say p2p, or that the Amicima technology was only about VOIP, etc. One esteemed member of the Flash community and old friend, Brian Lesser, a Flash server guru […]

The 2008 Definition of Racism

I was not going to talk about this stuff anymore, but Louis Gray’s post on the “racist underbelly” of the web struck a deep chord. He describes how two black bloggers, Wayne Sutton and Corvida, had a live Yahoo video chat to discuss Loren Feldman and the Tech Nigga incident, and the anonymous overtly racist chatter in the video’s text chat […]

Mitch Kapor’s Weekend at Bernie’s

My last post on Chandler somehow just really doesn’t capture the flavor of watching the Chandler design mailing list. It has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion after having had a sip of Scalosian water. Indeed it was incredible to me that so much could be invested with so little resulting usable value. Hey Mitch, […]