The Veruca Salt Economy

I want it now daddy! That is what drives us. It is what drives every financial meltdown. It is the gorging on stuff that is trivially accessible, while foregoing that which, regardless of value, presents too much challenge. It is the seeking of the low hanging, but tasteless, while eschewing the slightly beyond easy reach […]

Are Newspapers Reaching The End Of Days?

There is little more urgent on the Internet than fixing the web advertising model. The New York Times is on the verge of going out of business. This is a business with a great and beloved product. And while the economy is indeed tanking, failure of newspapers is not about macroeconomic issues. The Times’ issues […]

Sometimes it *is* a conspiracy

I am the guy that is generally annoyed by unsubstantiated conspiracy theories from the political left and the right about things that supposedly the other side did. Conspiracies are hard to pull off because they generally involve, well, people conspiring. That means talking. And big conspiracies require *more* people conspiring. And making sure people STFU […]