A Moment Of Silence For Our Economy

Please read this article and this article both from the New York Times. I cannot say it better and so I refer you to people who do say it better. Tell your wacky friends that just want Wall Street to burn to read them too. Apparently calls are flowing in 200 to 1 against doing anything so its time […]

President-Elect Obama

It has taken me a day to digest the concept of a President Obama. That is not true. A day has passed, and I still cannot fully digest it. That may take months, or perhaps even years. But a few thoughts are starting to coalesce, and so I thought I would share them. I will […]

UAW Fiddles While Detroit Burns

I was struck by a paraphrase that I heard recently from a reporter on one of the Sunday morning shows, describing a statement made by the head of the UAW regarding their position on “givebacks” to GM to assist in restructuring the company financially. As I heard it, and I don’t remember the quote exactly, […]