Who cares about Chrome. IE6 Has 25% Market Share

At my company, Kloudshare, a big part of what we are developing involves pushing boundaries of what browsers are expected to do. Generally speaking, this is the case industry-wide as the web browser is becoming more and more a real application delivery system. Google understands this issue and has apparently been focused on some of […]


Today Apple announced a version 4 their iPhone OS. It seems to answer most of the open issues relating to the platform. All sounded good. But then, John Gruber over at Daring Fireball discovered a “hidden gem” in the new developer terms. here they are: 3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the […]

The Stats Are In. YouTube Really Is A Turd

I have said it before. Commenters over at CenterNetworks said I was crazy. They extolled the virtues of the market leading YouTube. But the numbers don’t lie. A year and a half later, Google can only muster approximately $1 CPMs from advertising on YouTube. This is stunning. Most advertising on YouTube is not monetizeable so this CPM […]

A Detailed Five Step Twitter Scaling Plan

I don’t want to suggest that the Twitter team doesn’t know what they are doing, because I am sure they are, and have been, very smart folks. And yet, the system keeps falling down (it seemed to be down most of yesterday), and there really is no good reason I can imagine for this to […]

Yahoo’s New BrowserPlus: Game Changer

Yahoo has introduced what I think is a revolutionary concept called BrowserPlus. BrowserPlus is a browser plug-in unlike any other. As most of you know, a Browser plug-in allows you to add functionality to your browser that it is not built-in. For example, the most popular Browser plug-in is Adobe’s Flash Player. The reason BrowserPlus is significant is […]

The End of the Feature Phone. Market Shifting.

In the last few years, phones have typically been categorized as either “smartphones” or “feature phones.” Smartphones are really just better phones. Conversely, the feature phone label is a particularly unfortunate euphemism for “crappy.” Thankfully, soon the category known as “feature phone” will begin to fade away. This is because most of the basic system […]