I spent this summer in Silicon Valley as part of the NewMe Accelerator. NewMe is the first Accelerator program focused on African-Americans. I had an absolute blast in California connecting to incredible mentors like Mitch Kapor, Ben Horowitz, Vivek Wadhwa, and, in my own way, both absorbing insight from, and, as the old man of […]


The relational database is becoming increasingly less useful in a web 2.0 world. The reason for this is that, while the relational database model is great for storing information, it is horrible for storing knowledge. By knowledge I mean information that has value beyond the narrow current conception of the given application. I mean information […]

Apple Blinks. Flash Tools Now Allowed

As many of you know, I have been fairly agressive in complaining about Apple developer guidelines, and specifically section 3.3.1 of their developer agreement which prevents developers from using any interpreted code, or, essentially, any compiler not created by Apple. Apple instituted the 3.3.1 clause in order to lock out Adobe from offering a Flash-based development […]

Arrington’s not a racist (who’s said that anyway?)… he’s just being dishonest

In his last two blog posts on the subject of the CNN Black In America documentary airing next Sunday, November 13th, Michael Arrington has been running around like a wounded dove claiming people are calling him racist. Let’s get something straight. No one credible or substantive has said that. The fact that Mike can’t discern the complex and important arguments about […]

Graphs: A Better Database Abstraction

I wrote about the power of abstractions in January, but based on some of the recent database discussion I think its time to discuss the subject again. I love abstractions. The essence of the concept of an abstraction is a framework that simplifies how you think about and works in a given domain. Abstractions can be (and often are) […]