Arrington’s not a racist (who’s said that anyway?)… he’s just being dishonest

In his last two blog posts on the subject of the CNN Black In America documentary airing next Sunday, November 13th, Michael Arrington has been running around like a wounded dove claiming people are calling him racist. Let’s get something straight. No one credible or substantive has said that. The fact that Mike can’t discern the complex and important arguments about […]

Graphs: A Better Database Abstraction

I wrote about the power of abstractions in January, but based on some of the recent database discussion I think its time to discuss the subject again. I love abstractions. The essence of the concept of an abstraction is a framework that simplifies how you think about and works in a given domain. Abstractions can be (and often are) […]

Free is Killing Us. Blame The VCs

I believe it should be possible to start a small business and to have a small number of profitable customers, and to earn a living. From there, it should be possible to work hard, and to grow your business into something substantial. Until recently, this was the American way, and it applied to technology as […]

Judge Says TechCrunch Case vs. JooJoo Tablet Likely Has Merit

I Just read on Daring Fireball that the judge has denied TechCrunch’s claim for preliminary injunction against their former tablet partners and makers of JooJoo, Fusion Garage. Gruber claims that “Mike Arrington gets smacked around in the first round of his lawsuit over the JooJoo/CrunchPad. In short: TechCrunch didn’t get much in writing regarding their “partnership” with […]

Arrington On Copyright: Wrong

I have always disagreed with Michael Arrington’s position on copyright, which seems to be that people are going to steal, no one should do anything about it, and that copyright-based businesses are going to die and that’s not bad in his mind. In January, Michael wrote: Personally, I think a new era of free recorded music […]

Killing Twitter Before It Can hurt Us

This weekend there has been a fair amount of talk about the idea that Twitter is too important to be relied on as a centralized, non fault-tolerant platform. Both Dave Winer and Michael Arrington at TechCrunch are talking about the problem and how to fix it. The argument is that Twitter is not distributed. This means that if Twitter […]

The False Hope Of Apple’s Snow Leopard

The problem began several years ago. The processor community realized that despite the fact that they could continue to make chips with smaller transistors, they could no longer make chips with substantially faster clock speeds. There were two separate but related problems. First, when adding more clock speed to chips, they were beginning to run […]

Apple Has Learned The Importance of Play. We Should Too

On Wednesday I attended the Sandbox Summit here in New York, which is a conference about the intersection between technology, toys, play, and learning. For someone deeply embedded in the software development world, but also deeply troubled by the state of education in America, the event seemed fascinating and also pregnant with possibility. And it did not […]