The Dangers of Mood Altering Drugs When Life Sucks

Few people can ever go through life without reaching a point when they feel that in that moment in time, everything sucks. It’s human nature to go through periods of worry or depression and when those times strike, it’s altogether too easy to seek mood altering drugs. After all, you have always been happy with your life, but circumstances have changed, and you don’t see yourself ever being able to climb out of this pit you’ve found yourself in. This, unfortunately, was the starting point of addiction for many addicts who now wish they’d never sought those little pills in the hopes of taking all their woes away.

In fact, rehab centers around the country are filled with addicts who started their journey towards addiction with mood altering drugs that were highly addictive. One thing led to another, and here they are in even worse condition than they were when they thought their life couldn’t be worse. So, what are the dangers of mood altering drugs? Let’s look at a few of them right now.

Addiction Tops the List

Statistically, addiction is the leading danger in mood altering drugs. While the average patient feels they aren’t a danger because they are being prescribed by a doctor, more often than not this is just not the case. Many mood altering pharmaceuticals referred to as psychotropic drugs can be addictive and 1 in 6 Americans are taking them. Once released from a doctor’s care, the patient will often seek other drugs to mask the symptoms that those drugs once covered. The most often prescribed drug for such things as stress and anxiety, common complaints when life sucks, is Xanax and this drug is highly addictive. With more than 48 million prescriptions written each year, that should tell you something!

Masking Reality Can Be Unhealthy

One of the other major problems when relying on mood altering drugs is that they can mask reality. Life isn’t always going to be a bowl of cherries and if you get too complacent with the way things stand, you may simply stagnate. You have no motivation to get to the bottom of what went wrong or to fix a problem when you’ve put a Band-Aid on it. The moment the drugs are taken away, you seek other ways to self-medicate and that can be more of a danger than those prescription medications were prescribed.

The Consequences of Addiction

It is estimated that at least 54 million Americans have used prescription pain killers and mood altering drugs for non-medical reasons and many of those got a ‘taste’ for those drugs during therapy under a doctor’s care. Addiction is a serious problem in the United States as well as in many other countries around the world. Although doctors are being more responsible in prescribing these medications, the problem of addiction still exists.

If you have become addicted to a prescription medication, know that treatment is available. If you are considering asking your physician to help you through a sucky period in your life with a mood altering drug, stop right there. Seek counseling first. It’s safer and you won’t experience the pain of addiction as a result of treatment. Do you want to know what sucks? Addiction does! Always seek not to be medicated if at all possible.

Post Author: Ruby H. Rosenbaum

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