How Extreme Temperatures Affect Your Gadgets

Everyone knows that you can’t leave your laptop or smartphone in a vehicle when the temperatures soar to the triple digits, right? At least you should know this. Even if you aren’t worried about theft, you should be worried about what those high temperatures can do to your electronics. However, heat isn’t the only thing you need to worry about and locked vehicles aren’t either.

Did you know that extreme temperatures in your home can have the same disastrous effects on your electronics? If you think you are saving money by keeping climate control in your home off, you may be making a huge mistake! If you doubt the importance of regulating temperatures in your home, perhaps you need to understand what those extreme (hot and cold!) temperatures can do to all those cool gadgets you are so proud of.

Let’s Talk About Heat for a Moment

If you are thinking that it takes 100+ degree temperatures to fry your computer, you are sorely mistaken! According to information published on the Life Hacker website, even temperatures in the mid to upper 90s can cause your laptop to melt down. However, that laptop isn’t the only gadget you need to be concerned with. An electronic device can be rendered useless, sometimes for good, when it reaches temperatures from 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. There are other ways to save money on climate control, so don’t summarily turn off the AC during the day while you are at work. It isn’t necessary if you know a bit about today’s hi-tech temperature technology, like that reviewed on

Cold Is Just as Lethal!

So, you’ve been trained to think that all those nifty devices work better at cool temperatures than when running hot, right? Well, that’s true up to a point! The ‘funny’ thing about cold temperatures is that nothing really happens until you turn your devices back on. That being said, we’re talking about the electronics at this point. What you ‘may’ find is that your battery and screen die if subjected to freezing temperatures.

As for the electronics, when they have frozen and are turned on creating heat, moisture will result and that can fry your circuit board. That doesn’t sound like fun, does it? If you are like a growing number of people who choose to take their vacation during the cold winter months, make sure you keep the temperature in your home at moderate temperatures to best protect those gadgets left behind!

Keeping Track of Climate Control While Surfing in Maui

Okay, so you might not be surfing in Maui, but you may be wintering in Florida or exploring the Greek Islands. A new generation of temperature technology has been born and this is what you use to control the temperature in any given room of your home. This would mean that any room that has electronics or other items sensitive to temperature extremes can be kept at consistently safe temperatures. All it takes is an installed Wi-Fi thermostat, which can be remotely controlled from that smartphone attached to your thumbs.

One last word of advice. If you happen to be surfing in Maui, wait until you are on dry land to access your Wi-Fi connected temperature control device. If you fry your phone under water, you will have control of nothing! Temperature technology can do many things, but repairing a fried mobile phone isn’t on the list of capabilities.


Post Author: Ruby H. Rosenbaum

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