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cheap Canada Goose October 26, 2003By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles TimesSEOUL, South Korea In its first concession after months of hostility, North Korea on Saturday signaled it would consider President Bush’s offer of written security assurances in return for the dismantling of its nuclear program.The conciliatory statement, first reported by the North Korean news agency, marked an abrupt about face for North Korea, which days earlier had ridiculed Bush’s offer as “laughable” and “not worth considering.”There was speculation in Seoul that Canada Goose Sale the change of heart was a result of pressure from China, which brokered six party talks in August and has been trying to coax the North Koreans back to the table for another round. The Chinese parliamentary leader Wu Banggao is scheduled to arrive in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang on canada goose outlet Tuesday for a three day trip during which the restarting of the talks should be high on the agenda.North Korea’s move follows an even bigger concession by Bush, who said that the administration would consider giving North canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose Korea written security assurances that the United States will not attack if the North dismantles its nuclear program.Bush’s offer falls short of what the North Koreans had been demanding a formal nonaggression pact but still represents a major turnaround for an administration that previously insisted that the dismantling of weapons be a precondition for negotiations.In Washington on Saturday, a State Department spokeswoman confirmed that the North Koreans had responded to Bush’s proposal.”The North Koreans passed us a message late yesterday in the New York channel,” said spokeswoman Susan Pittman, using the department’s term for sporadic contacts between North Korean diplomats at the United Nations and officials at the State Department. “The message was similar to the Foreign Ministry statement.”We hope that North Korea will return to the six party talks in the near future to negotiate all the issues.”In a statement attributed to a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, the North Korean news agency Saturday reported, “We are ready to consider President Bush’s remark on a written nonaggression guarantee if it came from the intention to coexist with us and is something to positively operate on the realization of a package settlement proposal based on Canada Goose Outlet the principle of simultaneous actions.”Although the North Korean statement was terse and vaguely written, it marked a rare moment of civility after months of vituperation toward the United States, and was roundly cheered in diplomatic quarters.”Today’s announcement is a huge advance,” Kim Sung Han, a North Korea analyst at a think tank affiliated with the South Korean Foreign Ministry, told reporters in Seoul cheap Canada Goose.

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