“Priceless pieces of history sold for $20As she peered into the

Last week, Watrin told native seed suppliers and planters in a letter that extra monitoring of seed supply was needed. The agriculture department now has a DNA test for Palmer amaranth seeds, as the seed cannot be distinguished from other weed seeds by sight. Agriculture officials hope this test will help stop more Palmer amaranth seeds from entering the local market..

canada goose outlet sale SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileSimeron Matijasevic had no idea the old documents he picked up at a garage sale were a “national treasure” until he saw the shocked faces of staffers at the Jack Miner Sanctuary.Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary seeks missing biblical bird bandsJack Miner’s 150th birthday celebrated at bird sanctuaryThe stamp collector had picked out a box of old papers at a rummage sale in Kingsville 10 days earlier and was hoping staff at the sanctuary could verify some of the material.”When I saw the grocery bag coming into the house I thought ‘Huh, another bag of stuff,'” said Mary Baruth, executive director of the Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation. “I had no idea what was inside.”Priceless pieces of history sold for $20As she peered into the bag and started sorting through the papers, Baruth’s hands started to shake.Matijasevic had stumbled upon letters, pamphlets and government communications removed from the sanctuary years before. The documents will help fill in a gap in the foundation’s history between the 1920s and 1940s.Mary Baruth, executive director of the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary. canada goose outlet sale

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