This wonderful adventure begins from Pokhara and the first

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Celine Replica The trail leads to ups and downs path, passing through many traditional villages along the way. This wonderful adventure begins from Pokhara and the first portion passed through lush green hill country typical of the heartland of Nepal, with the backdrop of panorama of Annapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri mountain range, includes the majestic peak the Mt. Machapuchhere (Fish Tail) an unclimbed mountain so Replica Celine Luggage Bags far as it is a respected and dominating peak in Annapurna region, walk eventually leads to lower Mustang at Jomsom and at the highest spot of Muktinath one of the holiest pilgrimage place for the Hindu’s and Buddhist the trek leads back to Jomsom for the scenic sweeping flight or drive towards Pokhara and then to Kathmandu, with Great Adventure Treks Expeditions a great memorable experience to Annapurna and Kaligandaki valley trekking.. Celine Replica

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