What to Do When You Want to Watch TV Online and It’s Regionally Blocked

Sometimes you want to watch foreign TV shows or TV stations and you cannot get access to them easily. They’re regionally blocked and won’t provide a live stream for you. Alternatively, you’re on holiday and you don’t wish to miss your favourite shows while you’re away, but you’re prevented from seeing them because you’re in another country like Spain, Malaysia, or Croatia. What do you do?

Here are some suggestions on approaches to take to deal with the frustration of this problem.

Using a Proxy to Access the TV Network’s Website

TV networks like Showtime regularly block access to the pages for their TV shows when accessing them from outside North America. Considering that many of their shows are sold to international TV networks, this is a surprising approach to take in an age of globalisation. This can cause much frustration when you cannot even see the preview of the following week’s episode of a favourite TV show, let alone log into their site and stream the current episode.

You can search on YouTube for the preview video of your favourite TV show and maybe you can watch that if it’s not being regionally restricted too. However, you can also use a free, basic proxy service like KProxy to access YouTube (or Showtime) from abroad and appear to be accessing the site from the United States. Many times, this is enough to get around basic geo-blocking on websites unless the blocking system is more sophisticated.

Watching Hulu from Abroad

Accessing a streaming service like Hulu is another matter. There are checks that thwart the user of a basic proxy and some virtual private networks (VPNs) when accessing the Hulu service. If you’re not within the Unites States, you’re likely to get blocked. The same often goes for the other streaming services including Netflix in territories where they do not currently offer a service for that country.

The good news is some clever people have figured out sophisticated ways around Hulu geo-blocking which allows their subscribers to access their content while abroad. You can read this watch Hulu unblocked guide to learn the exact steps to take to setup a Hulu account, get it authorized using a US-based payment method, and watch Hulu streaming content outside the U.S.

Using VPNs to Access Content

Using a VPN helps to mask where you’re accessing a website or service from. VPN service providers tend to have hundreds or even 1,000+ servers across many different countries. For the United States, they’ll often offer accessible servers in different cities and states allowing their users to get very specific about where they wish to log in from.

A quality VPN is the key to both safely accessing confidential websites like a financial site and changing the location of where it appears you’re accessing their site from. This keeps your information safe while protecting you from regional lockouts which can often only get unlocked once you’ve returned home. In other situations, a VPN can be used to access a foreign service like a US-based one when you’re situated elsewhere like in Australia, the UK or somewhere in Europe. Using a VPN gives you options that you just wouldn’t otherwise have.

Who wants to be restricted about what content can be watched online? We know that we don’t. Life sucks when you hit a wall that blocks your access. Don’t put up with it! Use smart methods to get around these blocks to access the content that you’ve already paid to watch.

Post Author: Ruby H. Rosenbaum

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