Who Should Enroll?This design course is created for

From an introduction to the technology to a complete review of the design process Canada Goose Outlet Canada Goose Outlet, participants learn the specific information they need to know.You have two options available for the CGD course our distance learning option and our CGD Plus course. The distance learning option gives you the convenience of learning when you have the time; while the CGD Plus course provides three days of concentrated learning under the guidance of an experienced GSHP Professional.Who Should Enroll?This design course is created for professional engineers, registered architects, installers, and contractors. To become certified the candidate must:Determine if eligible under the Eligibility Requirements listed.Register for and attend the IGSHPA CGD.Pass the IGSHPA CGD exam.Complete a separate application and send it to IGSHPA, to initiate the testing and certification process.Certification will be awarded by AEE after their evaluation of the candidate qualifications by CGD board members.Attending the CGD Course and passing the CGD exam are only a part of the certification process and will not automatically lead to certification.

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